Thursday, March 16, 2017

Planting seeds

Yesterday Ardella planted four containers of peppers and cabbage in peat pots for our garden this summer.  She planted in new organic potting soil and then put the pots in a tray with a cover to hold in moisture for the little seeds.  They will be watered, fertilized and cared for until June planting.  We look forward to gardening because it lets us get back to the basics of growing our own food.  Yes there will be challenges of insects, disease, and deer all wanting to destroy our garden. It seems like each year there is a new problem but we enjoy the benefits of fresh veggies.

Jesus often spoke in parables about planting, sowing, and reaping.  Planting each seed is more time consuming but the end results are usually better.  Sowing is broadcasting the seed on the ground and not all the seed is going to sprout and reach harvest stage.  There is no harvest without planting or sowing.  These parables are very important for us today in our outreach to people.  God expects us to do the planting and sowing of His word into people.  The Word is like water that will nourish and grow the seeds we planted in people if we use the love and compassion that Jesus showed to the people He ministered daily.  He loved them, fed them, and healed them.  Pretty simple plan for us to follow.

Just as God raises the seed from the ground that we plant in our garden; He to raises the seeds we plant with the word in people.  Some just take longer to sprout than others so be patient.  People don't care how much you know about the Bible; they want to know how much you care first.  Meet them at their needs and plant a seed that will reward them with an eternal harvest in God's garden.

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