Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Guiding at caribou camp could get repetitious and slightly boring ; taking out two hunters then two more, then two more and some weeks caribou were scarce to find. It was common during the first two weeks to spend hours, day after day, looking through binoculars hoping caribou would appear on the horizon. The weather was usually warm and the insects’ horrendous if the wind wasn’t blowing. One fall we arrived at camp without a shovel which would prove foolish in a few days.

Our first group was an interesting mix of people. We had three Italians from New Jersey who may have had ties to the mob. One day in the cook tent I heard Little Tony ask Big Tony what he was going to do with the truck load of butter. Then there were the three rednecks from Montana and a truck driver from Pennsylvania. It was an interesting mix of cultures. I figured the Italians definitely weren’t hit men as they couldn’t shoot accurate enough to inflict any damage on a four hundred pound caribou. It took all week before they harvested a bull and then I had to get them within forty yards. Big Tony brought one cooler full of home made sausages and one of fresh vegetables from his garden so we were enjoying some good food.

Everything seemed pretty normal; then a three day storm hit. Alaska storms can last for days with winds over sixty miles an hour and inches of rain per day. Our camp was on the north end of the lake and the storms came from the southwest so we really received a pounding. The only shelter was some alder and willow bushes that stood six feet high. In front was the six mile long lake and behind was a huge impoundment of water formed by a series of beaver ponds A river flowed into the lake nearby so as the lake rose over two feet, the river spilled over into the beaver ponds and was rapidly rising toward the tents. At dark the water was just inches from us and we started checking the level frequently with flashlights. Justin, the outfitter, told everyone to put their belongings on top of their cots to keep dry. This was the last straw for Little Tony; he came completely unglued and started yelling, “We’re going to die!” This wasn’t helping the moral of the rest of camp so we tried to calm him down as the furry of the storm seemed to increase with his shouting. We decided to try to dig a channel from the beaver ponds to the lake at midnight with some empty coffee cans, pans from the cook tent, and an axe. All the guides and some of the Montana hunters pitched in and after an hour we had a small stream of water draining into the lake. We hoped for the best and went to bed. At daylight we checked the work area to discover the little stream had widened to several feet wide and three feet deep. We were saved! Life at camp returned to normal and so did the weather.

I always looked at these storms as great adventures and put my trust in God to keep us safe. I was usually the only one in camp that thought like that. There is a big difference when life is handing you a storm on how you face it. If your relationship with God is right, you will feel His strength to calm the storm. Remember how the disciples were amazed when Jesus rebuked the wind. The Lord is our rock and salvation and wants to be in our lives to help us. Satan is always looking for ways to send arrows at us so know God is there to help ward them from us. One of the best ways to face the storms is to find some prayer warriors who will lift you up to the Father. A grove of trees can withstand strong winds because their roots intertwine to hold each other up; but remove a few trees and several will blow over. Christians are similar to trees in the storms of life. Pray, pray, pray to the Father; pray with others and meet the storms head on.

Hey, it is snowing outside on this March afternoon!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Where"s The Body ?

It had been a weird week in Jerusalem but finally that Jesus guy was dead and sealed in a tomb . Guards were placed at the tomb so the disciples couldn't steal his body and claim he came to life. They didn't want that rumor going around with all the people in town ; that might energize his followers and create new problems for the ruling council. Yes, things would get back to normal at last after three years of dealing with that nut and his disciples. There were some strange events that took place at his death which were hard to explain but the people would soon forget them. You know, the earthquake that shook the temple and tore the curtain from top to bottom. Oh well, that curtain was getting old and needed replaced. Not sure why it got so dark on Friday afternoon but the weather has been normal since then. How do we explain the dead people who came out of tombs that many people recognized and have been seen walking around the city? Some of the population must have celebrated the Passover a little too much.

Then there is the biggest question of all. Where is his Body? The soldiers said some guy in a shining white robe came by and rolled the large stone away. They came back to the temple terrified; like they had seen a ghost! But the guards were paid a large sum of money to say his disciples came and stole the body during the night. If Pilate hears about this heads will role as he didn't want Jesus killed to begin with. This has to be kept very quiet or those eleven guys might cause an uprising yet. Why can't things just be like they used to ?

They never can because Jesus came to change us from the inside out. Once Christ is in your heart you will be ever changing. It is a life long process for all of us. The empty tomb is what separates Christ's believers from other religions of the world. Those other people who claimed they were the way to eternal life are Still in Their Tombs! Jesus was seen by over five hundred people after his resurrection and all but one of his disciples died a cruel death because they knew and believed without a doubt who He is.

The most important question to ask yourself is who do you think Jesus is?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Announcement of Spring

This has been a long hard winter for people and wildlife in north Idaho. Several roofs collapsed and folks had to deal with snow daily for two months as it piled up to near record levels. Wildlife suffered from deaths on highways and train tracks and from starvation. Over one hundred seventy five moose were killed in our county and no one knows how many deer perished to vehicles. We are glad to see the snow melting and winter fading away.

Ardella and I went to the Clark Fork River delta this week to pick up driftwood that was caught in the holding basin last summer. We always look forward to these trips to hear the melody of spring in the air. There were thousands of waterfowl congregated in the shallow bays waiting to push their way north to their nesting grounds. A constant noise filled the air with geese honking and swans trumpeting with their deep voices. Mallards quacked and a large flock of pintails whistled over us. A group of blue herons wer standing in the shallow water as if they were discussing the best fishing hole. This great display of nature always lifts our spirits and gives us the promise of spring.

God orchestrated the spring rebirth at the time of creation. He knew how much we would enjoy the season change from winter to see green grass and flowers poking through the ground. Our lives under go seasons of change both physically and spiritually. Without our focus on Jesus we are spiritually dead and live without hope. Jesus died on a cross and was buried for three days but by the power of God was resurrected to life eternally. Through our faith in Jesus we are offered the same miracle; a rebirth from winter to an eternity of sunshine with the Father.

If your life is like an endless winter , then it is time to ask God to help you come to life and bloom again . He can make all things new, a springtime of endless flowers and green grass , just for you.
God is waiting for your communication with him so He can shower you with blessings. He wants a personal relationship with you . Just ask Him

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fishing With Grandpa

Recently we took the granddaughters ice fishing as they had been asking to go for quite some time. It was a nice sunny afternoon and they were excited to be pulled in a sled across the ice to where their dad was fishing. Vance had been fishing all morning and had around one hundred nice perch . I bored some new holes and set down to catch some fish but the fishing had slowed down. After catching six perch I decided to try some other holes nearby. Lizzie and Hanna were patiently waiting to catch a perch. Lizzie finally caught one and her excitement could be heard by everyone on the ice. I started catching perch from one hole about twenty feet from Hanna and Lizzie. I could look down the hole into three feet of water and see nothing but swirling perch. Fish after fish soon lay on the ice. Lizzie was watching me and slowly pulled out the line from the hole she was fishing and came shuffling toward me. Even though she never said anything, I could see by her expression that she wanted me to share some fish with her. I told her to get ready so when I caught the next one ; she could put her line down the hole. When she caught one I would put mine down. Soon Lizzie was shouting with glee as we had fish flopping all over the ice. In about a half hour we caught nearly sixty nice perch. Hanna even caught two on her own as she patiently set on a sled and fished.

I noticed some other guys catching fish and they were soon swooped down upon by two other fishermen like hungry vultures. Some guys are so brazen that they will drop their line down your hole when you pull up a fish. Two days later I went fishing right away in the morning hoping the early bite was on. I took our dog Sadie along for company and she enjoyed playing on the ice. Soon I caught a nice perch which really entertained Sadie by flopping around on the ice. One of the vultures was fishing about one hundred yards away and immediately grabbed his gear and headed toward us. I kept on watching the pole as the man approached. Sadie sat down and fixed her eyes on the approaching fisherman who was closing in fast. Suddenly a deep growl emerged followed by a very loud bark. The fisherman quickly turned and went past us , heading for another section. He definitely knew Sadie wasn't going to share our fishing spot. The funny part is that was the only perch I caught all morning.

God and Grandpa's are very much alike. Grandpa will always hand down blessings to the granddaughters ; reading their favorite stories , sharing fishing holes, buying their first bow. All they have to do is ask in a child like manner and it is Grandpa and Grandma's pleasure to fill their request. We have a loving God who blesses us with the same child like requests.

Mark 10 :15 tells us to receive the kingdom of God like a little child. It is saying to have the faith a child has in their parents and grandparents. Anticipation of love and security; trusting in them for everything. As adults we aren't too good at relying on God , instead we often try to get through life without Him. He waits patiently for us to communicate with Him. Remember God wants a relationship with us every day. He will even let you fish out of His favorite spot , be prepared for a tremendous catch of blessings