Saturday, May 29, 2010

Overcoming Obstacles

Tomorrow I will be preaching at the Cocolalla Cowboy Church about Slaying Our Giants. We will examine 1 Samuel 17 about David and Goliath, Philippians 4:6, Ephesians 6:10-18, Matthew 16: 17-19, and Psalm 121. These passages all point to the truth that God will help us defeat Satan by the power of the Holy Spirit. Like David, we just need to acknowledge the power of God and that He will take charge when everything seems impossible. Most of us want to hold onto the problem instead of letting God handle it. David focused on the power of God not how big Goliath was. Saul’s army thought Goliath was too big to kill but David knew he was too big to miss.

We have the power to overcome anything with God’s help. It might be a bad relationship, losing a job, sickness and disease. It requires us turning the matter over to God and acknowledging he has a plan for us. The answer may be immediate or can take a while. We live by God’s time not ours.

Our daughter Jolene was born legally blind but grew up a normal kid knowing she had some visual limitations. Due to advanced technology she has been able to gain improved vision yet still doesn’t see like most of us do. I’ve never heard Jolene complain about her vision. This spring Jolene undertook a huge obstacle when she decided to take up hunting. She practiced many hours shooting targets with a .22 rifle then advanced to a 30-06. Ardella, Vance and I have walked Jolene up and down mountains looking for a nice bear. Last night Vance and Jolene sat up by a rock outcropping and waited all evening for a bear to appear. About the last half hour of daylight a good sized bear appeared on the hillside over two hundred yards away. Jolene had practiced out to one hundred yards so this bear was way beyond any shot she had attempted. Jolene took her time and got the bear with one shot. She overcame all obstacles of her vision and became a hunter.

What giants do you have in your life to slay? God is ready to take charge like he did for David.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

All God's Creatures

Our small piece of property has been blessed with an abundance of birds this spring. We have a large population of robins and some babies are already full grown. Last week a mother robin worked furiously for two days constructing a nest on a beam above our front door. I marveled how intricate she wove the nest and now mom is setting diligently on her eggs.

The pond has been a busy place with about ten wood ducks and that many mallards visiting to eat cracked corn. This morning there was a mallard hen with her new babies who were busy chasing bugs. I could spend hours watching the ducks in the pond. Our dog Sadie doesn’t think it is fair that she can’t go swimming.

We are starting to see baby squirrels venture forth and explore their new kingdom. Many of the squirrels have little fear of us and I could probably hand feed them if I took some time to try it. But I believe I’ll let them be so they don’t get too trusting of people.

While the llamas are enjoying fresh grass, Spud our horse is confined to a small pen while he recovers from foundering. He has been sick for two weeks but is slowly improving. Dr. Bob says he may need x-rays and special shoes put on his hooves. Wow, I can only imagine that bill!

Everyone needs to get outside this time of year and see God’s creation bring forth new life. I’m always amazed how everything fits into his grand puzzle. To think this complex wildlife came about by accident defies common sense. Just observe a hummingbird and how it can hover, fly up or down, and forward and backwards with ease. Get yourself outside to a park or woods and sit down and let God’s creatures entertain you. It’s free.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hour of Prayer

Nearly 800 people gathered in downtown Sandpoint, Idaho today for an hour to pray to God . The Cowboy Church provided a half hour of great music prior to the event which was enjoyed under sunny skies. God turned off the rain for the first time in days to bless this gathering. Even though a federal judge says the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional, our county commissioners spoke briefly about the importance of God in government. The sheriff sang the national anthem and several law enforcement officers attended ceremonies. Pamela Fay Houston sang If My People and one pastor asked us to kneel for prayer. People later broke into groups to pray for specific areas of our community. I joined the military circle and listened to retired Sgt. Major Art Larson inform us on the number of people that we have defending us around the world. Art lead us in a prayer of protection for our troops and their families. I’m proud to be a friend of this great American.

I’m most proud of my wife Ardella who planned and arraigned this hour for the community to show unity to God. She has worked hard for months planning every detail and it came off flawlessly. Ardella has the ability to work across church borders and bring Christians together. I thank her for patience and loving people.

Everyday should be in prayer to God who wants a personal relationship with us. Our country is in deep trouble of losing its Christian foundation. Christians need to speak up and start by bringing God back into our lives. Pray for our Government, Military, Media, Business, Education, Church, and Family.

What is Ardella going to concentrate on now? Probably the granddaughters and bear hunting. Have a blessed week!