Friday, September 17, 2010

Blessed in Libby

We were in Libby Montana last week for the Nordic Fest Show and it was a great weekend. After we set up our booth, we went out to our Amish friends for dinner. Roy makes the best hickory rockers that you can find. I was able to visit his shop to see how they are made with a labor of love.

On Friday a couple from Creston, British Columbia stopped by and before they left we had some new friends up north. They are great Christians praying for revival in their area. We look forward to seeing them again.

Later a white haired gentleman, named Richard Lang, came to the booth raised his hands and said God would bless our work and make it successful. He also had a prophesy for me that was the same as Pastor Tracey Armstrong prophesied to me two weeks earlier. That got my attention! Richard also had one for Ardella. Over the next three days we visited with Richard and were very encouraged by his words. Ardella is working with a prayer team to transform Sandpoint for Christ and Richard is for Libby. We have common ground across state lines and in British Columbia. The Lord is working!

We stayed at our friends, Trent and Peggy who have a beautiful home on the Kootenai River. One morning as we enjoyed a cup of coffee, a bald eagle flew up and perched in a tree on a small island. A person could spend all day on their deck and enjoy the river and beautiful scenery.

We said our goodbyes to everyone Sunday afternoon and headed home feeling very blessed. Richard was right; we had the best show in the four years at Libby as we had very little to load in the van. Selling the carvings was nice but the new friends we have made the weekend priceless.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Remove the Training Wheels

Our granddaughter, Hannah, recently announced that the bicycle we had for her when she stays here was too small. Grandma and Aunt Connie found one at a yard sale and Lizzie claimed it so Hannah gladly took the pink bike that Lizzie had been riding. Hannah’s old bike had training wheels and the one Lizzie had been riding didn’t so this presented a challenge to the little girl.

As the family gathered here on Sunday, the girls wanted to ride their bikes. Uncle Thane went out with them and it wasn’t long before Hannah burst into the house with a proud smile that she could ride without training wheels. Everyone ran out to watch Hannah ride with confidence. She has discovered a whole new freedom in her life.

Christians are often reluctant to get rid of our training wheels. Jesus tells us to raise up disciples, pray for the sick, and help those in need. Just going to church twice a month isn’t enough. Jesus wants us twenty four seven and that is a challenge to most people. It is easy to hide behind the pastor and let him help us along.

God expects us to use the gifts He gave us to serve Him. So if you are still peddling around with training wheels, it is time to remove them and find the freedom in Christ that will propel you to new levels.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The seasons are changing and I am anticipating spending time in the woods pursuing elk and deer with my bow. I am looking forward to the quiet time among the trees as I listen for the grunt and bugles of bull elk. My practice groups at thirty yards are good and now I need to fill my pack with only those items needed to be in the woods after dark and pack out an elk. Extra flashlights, game bags, sharp skinning knives, water, and some food will fill my pack. A big can of bear repellent is necessary since I don’t carry a hand gun as there are grizzlies around. It is always important to carry everything I need to spend a night alone in the woods.

I like the bow season and being alone in the woods as it provides me time to talk to

God and listen to what He wants to tell me. We need to slow life down and listen for his voice; Jesus did and it worked for him. Have you ever noticed that God sent men into the wilderness to teach them? I feel God calling me to use the wilderness to teach men his principles and truths. There is a lodge just west of Sandpoint in a forest setting that God keeps in my mind for his work. I need to get off my procrastinating and develop a plan to teach men in the wild. So this bow season, God will be revealing to me just how that should look.

We all need to take some quiet time and listen to what God wants each one of us to do to serve Him