Friday, July 23, 2010

Testing Our Faith

This has been one of those weeks that seemed to be a month long. As I wrote a while back, our horse Spud has been battling founder or sometimes called laminitis for quite some time. He has slowly been getting more lame. Dr. Bob came out and took x-rays and called that they didn’t look good and Spud might have to be put down. This has been a week of tears and restless nights thinking how much the little horse has captured our hearts in a year. Bob recommended that we call Jim Walker, a farrier, and have him look at Spud.

We were torn between losing Spud and being greedy keeping him alive but in extreme pain. Jim showed up this afternoon and said he could trim Spud’s hooves to shift the weight and make him walk better. So I held onto Spud as Jim worked on the hooves. Spud was very good and soon started nibbling on my belt loops and anything else he could find. As soon as Jim finished, I let Spud go and he reached over and gave Jim a kiss. Spud is walking much better and is on a strict diet to lose one hundred pounds fast. This will take stress off his hooves. I hope he likes the diet as much as he enjoyed the trimming.

Was I stressed this week? OH YA! I felt deep down that the condition with Spud was really an attack from Satan since he knew this was a way to shake my world. I had a few talks with God, especially this morning as I worked on a landscape project in town. I desperately wanted to turn the whole night mare over to God but found it hard to completely let go of it. I know God cares about everything in our lives even Spud. I also know that my God is all powerful. Peter said the devil goes around like a roaring lion devouring everything in his path. As Christians, we have the blood of Jesus to protect us from the lion as He defeated the devil on the cross. “The battle is mine” says the Lord.

God also sent two wonderful people in our lives. Our friends, Ken and Dee came over at noon to be here when Jim arrived. Their concern and feelings were a blessing. I can never thank them enough for what they did. They even brought a get well card from their mule, Blanch for Spud. What about those friends

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Day at Moose Lake

My son-in-law, Vance and I went to Moose Lake which sets near the Montana border above Clark Fork, Idaho. Vance rode his horse Amos while I elected to walk in with Sadie as we both could use the exercise. Archery season is about six weeks away and I need to get my climbing legs in shape. The trail to Moose Lake is a gradual two mile uphill climb through spruce timber. Sadie and I took off while Vance saddled Amos and we had the trail all to ourselves. The dark spruce trees stood like stately spires pointing toward Heaven while numerous wildflowers bloomed on the forest floor. There was bright yellow arnica along the path’s edge and beautiful white plumes of bear grass flowers that are so delicate and sweet smelling. Moose tracks were prevalent on the trail but fortunately we didn’t encounter any of the huge animals. I wondered how many tourists meet these sometimes short tempered creatures and have to abandon the trail.

Sadie and I arrived at the lake and I took in the beautiful scenery of crystal clear waters with trout rising to catch insects and rugged forested ridges surrounding this magnificent creation. A cow elk was feeding in an open area above a rock slide and I watched her for about a half hour before she turned and went into the brush. The cow probably had a calf hid there from predators. Sadie soon was wading in the lake and wanted me to throw a stick for her to retrieve. It has been a while since Sadie had gone swimming so she enjoyed the water.

Shortly after Vance and Amos arrived so did some families. Everyone enjoyed the spectacular scenery. Vance caught several trout but released all of them so someone else could catch them another day. On our way down we met two families headed in with fishing poles and told them the trout were biting.

I thank God for the wonderful creation he made in North Idaho with so many majestic places reflecting his glory. It got me wondering how many people visit Moose Lake but don’t see the majesty of God’s creation. He made these wonderful areas just for us. I’m afraid too many people worship the creation instead of the Creator. On the way down the trail I stopped to closely examine how intricate God made the bear grass flower which is really a cluster of hundreds of small white flowers that form a beautiful white plume. Then I thought how wonderful He made each one of us.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Trusting In Dad

We went camping last weekend at Jolene and Vance’s remote property to escape the noise and crowds of Sandpoint. It was a little chilly and some rain but we enjoyed the granddaughters and some great dutch oven cooking. I cut two loads of firewood and also cut down two dead trees for carving.

When we came home Sunday evening the neighborhood was erupting with the bang of firecrackers from all directions. Our horse, Spud, was very terrified and was actually shaking and breathing hard. I went out to calm him but that didn’t help much. I finally haltered him and lead Spud into our art studio. It has eight inch thick walls and so the bangs and booms couldn’t penetrate the walls. Spud willingly followed me through the door. He looked the place over and quickly decided everything was good. The studio has not been open to the public lately as I am storing various driftwood bases to use on fish and cardboard shipping boxes. The floor is made from two inch planks so Spud’s hooves clopped at every move. I sat down on the wood step going into the shop and Spud put his head down by me and wanted petted. We stayed in the studio until nearly midnight and as a steady rain came down I lead Spud back out to his pen and gave him some hay. All was good again in Spud’s life. Spud put his trust in Dad.

This got me thinking about what we do when life hands us some bangs and booms. Some people will just hunker down and tough the situation out. Going it alone is not a good way to get through a crisis. A better way is to turn the problem over to God since he knew you were going to have it anyway. Let Him take control and you follow along. David knew the importance of God’s protection when he wrote the twenty third Psalm. If you are having a problem in your life right now, read the passage and turn to God in prayer for peace.

Remember God is a relationship not a religion

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Price of Freedom

Our founding fathers paid a horrible price for the freedoms we enjoy today. Many of them lost their homes and wealth; some lost their families yet they knew the price of freedom always comes with a sacrifice. The men and women of our armed forces fight daily with their lives so we can be free. Many of the freedoms written in our Constitution are under attack by our elected officials as they deem them obsolete. Our country is in peril of loosing personal freedom by the big carrots the government dangles in front of us in the name of progress. The men that founded this nation would be horrified at the assault on the Constitution. Now, as never before, is time to pray for our country, government officials, and our military.

In the fourth chapter of Luke, Jesus proclaims freedoms for us. He refers to us as the poor, prisoners, blind, and oppressed. Our only true freedom comes from Christ because of his sacrifice on the cross. We are all captive of something, yet we can lay them at the feet of Jesus and he will set us free. This is the unending love and grace that God has for each person. Today can be your freedom day if you choose. No matter what is holding you captive, Jesus can release it now.

Jesus didn’t die just because he was a good guy; Jesus is the Good Shepherd that sacrificed his life so you can have a personal relationship with him. He is waiting to break your chains of bondage and set you free through the power of the Holy Spirit. No other religion can do that. Christ can because he lives!