Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Children

Our granddaughters came over and stayed yesterday so our house was filled with laughter and shouts of glee. They never cease to amaze us with their questions and how they look at life. Of course, Grandpa likes it when they turn their attention to the birds in our yard and ask questions. We spent some time watching out the window at the songbirds hopping around the front yard looking for food. The deer seemed to know they were here so they came in very early and entertained the girls. More questions were asked about the deer family with the girls especially concerned about the babies.

Our world would be better if we had the same view of life as children. When Jesus rebuked the disciples about letting the children come to him, I believe Jesus was talking about all children for all time as they face death and suffering at the hands of adults. Many cultures have practiced child sacrifice and unfortunately we still do. It is called abortion. Abortion isn’t any different than the hideous child sacrifices practiced since the beginning of time. Children are innocent whether they are born or unborn. They are living breathing humans that respond to pain.

Some friends of ours recently had their first child that was born with bruised big toes. The doctor concluded that little Jake had sucked on his toes while in his mother’s womb. I wish I could be that limber, not to suck on my toes but just to be able to bend like that. Jake, Mom, and Dad are doing good and he is experiencing lots of love. That is the way God intended life to be.

Our new President seems on a mission to liberalize abortion and destroy the lives of millions of innocent children. The government has not only replaced God, they are mocking Him and coming up with their own sets of truth to satisfy their pagan desires. Our founding fathers warned us that government should always seek God’s guidance and keep Jesus Christ in the fore front of our country’s foundation. We instead have chosen a path of self destruction which will result in God’s judgment and wrath poured out on us. I believe God shaking our financial institutions was just a wake up call but I think most Americans missed it.
Pray for the little children everywhere and pray that our nation comes back to God.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is in the Air

It has been a long winter in north Idaho and residents are looking forward to spring. Well, today is the first day of spring on the calendar and feels like it has arrived. I noticed a difference this morning when I fed the llamas as the air was warmer. Just a week ago we were experiencing record low temperatures and have had snow nearly everyday. But today the sun came out and the temperature hit sixty degrees. The snow finally started to melt.

I also saw something that is a sure sign of spring; swallows sailing through the air in search of insects. When we see them it shows God’s promise of spring. The western towhees are arriving and so are more robins. Our mother squirrels seem to be close to having babies. The wild hen mallard has returned with a drake and eats corn every evening as she has done for years. Now if I can only convince the thirty deer to leave before they devour the new emerging flowers. The other evening some of them were playing tag in our neighbor’s field chasing each other back and forth. It was great to see they felt good after months of snow.

God orchestrates the seasons in perfect harmony and nature responds to it in obedience to him. The birds and animals prepare for their young as God plants a season of plenty for them. They respond to the orders of the Creator. Why can’t we have the faith the birds and animals have in God?

God gave us a choice in life and often we mess things up. We messed things up so much that God had to send his son to die for our sins. Even then many people reject Jesus as their savoir. Being saved from our sins is a free gift; all it requires is our confession. Many people are too proud to ask forgiveness and unfortunately others feel they are not worthy. We are all made worthy through the blood of Jesus. If you haven’t asked God for forgiveness now would be a perfect time. You will have a clean slate; all your mistakes will be forgotten. It is like a breath of spring air in your soul!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Real Stimulus Package

The world economies turned upside down recently and now all we hear from our government is about how we will all be saved by the stimulus package. I’m not a financial guru but how do you tax yourself into prosperity? Small businesses are the backbone of our economy yet our government wants more tax dollars all the time. If they really wanted to create a healthy economic environment they would free up useless regulations and taxes so small businesses could prosper.

We could save millions if our elected officials in Washington lived like we do. I would like them to take a huge pay cut and provide for their own health insurance. Traveling at our expense should be cut off. Taking money from outside interest should be punishable by prison. The American people should be outraged by how corrupt our elected officials have become. They have forgotten how our founding fathers wanted a government based on the moral law of the Bible. Also forgotten is the importance our first leaders placed on their belief in Jesus Christ. You will never hear that in school.

So what kind of stimulus package does this country need? It needs one based on the authority of Jesus Christ. We need to put him first in all things. What do you think would happen if this country; every man, woman, and child got down on their knees at the same time and prayed to God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says he would hear our prayers and save us. Why don’t we believe that?

Instead of believing in Wall Street we need to believe in the God of creation. Instead of the government being our savoir we should put that trust in Jesus Christ. The Bible should be our law book. Life would go easier.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Puppy Love

Everybody loves a puppy. When Sadie was a few month’s old we went shopping in Spokane. I sat outside the mall with Sadie while Ardella shopped. Many people came by and wanted to pet the puppy. I would guess if I was the only one setting on the bench their reaction would have been different.

Last week Lizzie and Hannah stayed at our house while their mom and cousin went to Libby, Montana to get a new puppy. They didn’t know anything about it. On their way home Jolene called and we could hear some yipping over the phone. We asked Lizzie what that noise was and she stared at the phone and said, “It sounds like a puppy.” We told her that was her and Hannah’s new dog. We could tell she couldn’t believe it. Later they sent a photo of Rosie and then the girls realized they had a new dog. Jolene and Gary arrived with a little ball of fur with big feet and the girls were overjoyed. Rosie won’t be small very long as she is a cross between a golden retriever and a Newfoundland. Jolene is not getting much sleep trying to train the little girl.

Our relationship to God is similar to a puppy. We make messes, don’t listen, and generally seem like we will never learn. God is patient with us and wants to be a loving Father. He forgives all our short comings and sins in a blink of an eye. God wants to scoop us up in his arms and comfort us.