Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh Deer

We are used to having deer in the yard during the winter but usually this time of year we only see them in our neighbor’s field occasionally. The other evening, Ardella looked out the window and there was a doe munching her way around the garden. Our garden has been fighting to stay alive with all the rain we have had and it is finally looking like there is hope of a future harvest. I walked out to scare the doe off and went through the gate and finally got about six feet away asking her to please leave the cabbage alone. Instead of running away, the doe stretched out her neck toward me and walked closer. I guess she thought I wasn’t a threat so the doe proceeded over to the dwarf apple tree and plucked off some newly formed apples. I chased her from the apple tree so she pranced through the corn and stopped to eat some pears. Finally she jumped over the fence and joined the llamas.

Today the doe was out in the back of our property munching away and we suspect there is a fawn hidden somewhere in the tall grass and brush. Spud has been kept out of the grass areas so the doe figured this would be a safe place for her fawn. We like the idea of having a fawn in the backyard but don’t appreciate the doe eating off the garden. I took a blanket Sadie has laid on and hung it in the middle of the garden. So far it seems to be discouraging the doe from munching the vegetables.

We thank God for all the wildlife there is in north Idaho. Many people move here and can’t understand why a deer, moose, or bear visits their yard. What they don’t realize is that these animals have used the area for hundreds of years and we are the newcomers. Patience and understanding of their needs is important. Our friends left their garage door open and a bear helped itself to the garbage. Bears will never turn down a free meal so a little precaution of putting food items away is important.

Ardella and I appreciate all the varieties of birds and ducks that use our property this time of year. The baby robins at the front door are now flying around searching for worms, the catbirds sneak about in the flowering quince, and mamma mallard still brings her four young ones everyday to the pond to eat. So we will put up with the doe and hope to see the fawn soon.

Go out and enjoy God’s wonderful creation and thank him for the birds and wildlife that we can enjoy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prophesy or Political Correctness

Events in the Middle East and Israel have been in the news lately with most of it being against God’s nation. Israel lives surrounded by hostile nations that would like to wipe it off the map. Even our country has distanced itself from Israel to appease the Muslim nations. Yesterday, while reading the Jerusalem Post, I read an interesting article about a mainline denomination in the U.S. that is meeting in July and one of the items on their agenda will be the condemning of Israel. They state that the whole unrest in the Mideast is due to Israel and that the Jews should go back to Europe where they came from. I guess they never read the Old Testament where it clearly says God gave the Jews that land when God directed Joshua to invade and take the land He had promised Moses. Joshua is also mentioned in the report as being the original trouble maker.

Is it any wonder our nation is in deep trouble since it is more concerned with political correctness than God’s plan for mankind? The Bible tells many times in the Old and New Testament that Israel is God’s chosen people and He will annihilate any nation that rises up against it.

Jeremiah 7:12 states that God wrote his name in the earth at Shiloh; you can go to Google Earth and see the actual place where God wrote his name in the land. Of course it is written in Hebrew so you may not recognize his name. Now if God signed his name in the land for Joshua it just might mean God intends to keep it for his people.

I would rather rely on the prophecies of the Bible than the political correctness of man. Because of Christ’s death and resurrection we can inherit the same promises God gave Israel. We can have the confidence through Jesus that we are on the winning side.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Have You Ever

Watched the sun slowly rise on a beautiful morning? Then you witnessed God’s renewal for your life.

Seen a spectacular double rainbow? Then you have seen God’s promises written in the sky.

Marveled at a hummingbird in flight? Then you know how wonderful you are made.

Watched a mother hold her newborn close to her body? Then you know how much God loves you.

Heard children’s laughter fill a room? Then you have seen the smile of God.

Walked in a forest full of giant stately trees? Then you understand the majesty of God.

Sat down under a canopy of trees and watched water endlessly tumble down a rocky stream? Then you realize how eternal God is.

Been on a mountain top and felt the wind blow without ceasing? Then you understand the power of the Holy Spirit.

Watched an approaching storm with fierce lightning, loud booms of thunder, and dark clouds driven by unseen wild winds? Then you have witnessed God’s awesome power.

Gazed at the cruel rough hewn cross and fallen on your knees to ask forgiveness knowing Jesus died just for you? Then you felt the Father hug you.

Have you ever told God you love Him? He’s waiting to hear from you.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spud's Recovery

Our Norwegian Fjord horse, Spud, came down with founder from grass about a month ago. It is a very painful condition in the lower legs that can be fatal for horses. Dr. Bob says he has had several cases this spring. So Spud was put on a strict diet and I am still giving him an oral medication daily which he hates. He is not happy that the llamas get all the green grass they want and he is eating hay. Spud was my best buddy before he got sick but now he isn’t so sure. I finally got a kiss on the cheek yesterday but Spud is still afraid that I will poke something down him.

It is good to see him nearly recovered and begging at the gate for food. Our granddaughters and Spud have a special relationship and he is always glad to see them. Hopefully they will be able to ride Spud soon. We thank God the little horse is getting better.

Our relationship with God can be similar to Spud’s sickness. People often fall down in life, thinking everything is always going to go great and then the train wreck happens. Many of us don’t seek God until the pain hits and is unbearable. We usually don’t like the medicine either. We can’t change our life until we change ourselves with God’s help.

Jesus walked the shores of Galilee and healed many people of various diseases. This made Him very popular but most people missed the point. Jesus wants to heal us completely from our heart. Yes, he will heal our diseases, but Jesus wants to do much more in our lives. He wants an everyday relationship not just when we get into trouble. That relationship will transform your life beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Jesus is a relationship not a religion because he lives and wants the Spirit to live in us. There are many religions out there and their gods are all DEAD. Which would you rather have? A dead god that is still in the grave or a risen savoir that died for your sins. A lifeless idol or a Lord that cares and loves you and wants you to spend eternity with Him.

You can change your life today by inviting the Lord of the universe into your heart. He is waiting and will heal you from the inside out. You will never be the same again! Invite Jesus in today and start really living.