Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fierceness of The Father

As we approach Fathers Day, I remember back to my Dad who was very respected in our rural community.  Even though he only went through eighth grade, people sought him for advice and counsel.  He wasn't a man who quickly angered but I always appreciated  that he would stand his ground  on principles of right and wrong.  Thanks Dad for leading our family on Godly  living.

I recently witnessed a father's fierceness of a different kind but definitely put there by God himself.  Sadie and I were taking a walk along the Pend Oreille River and a bald eagle was trying to get a small group of coot.  The eagle had them in shallow water at the boat landing.  As the beautiful eagle dove and was just about to grab a helpless coot, a gander canada goose rose up to meet the large raptor and actually hit the eagle.  The eagle made three more dives on the coots only to be hit each time by the gander.  The gander's mate was nesting nearby on a rock jetty and the goose was going to defend her with his life.  The eagle decided to seek something else for lunch. 

The title "Lord God Almighty" means God of Angel Armies.  God is control of everything and everyone.  His fierceness of fire consumed enemy armies that sought to destroy Israel and swallowed up the Egyptian army with water.  But God gave us his grace and mercy through Jesus and saves us from his wrath.  The greatest gift we can receive is forgiveness through the precious blood of Jesus.  It is a free gift for anyone who confesses Jesus as their Savoir.  If you haven't done that yet, do it today and rejoice in your new freedom through Christ.

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